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Interview with Peter Lerangis During the mid- to late 1980s, when Nintendo’s NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was bringing back the videogame market to mainstream attention, a series of novels were written to tie into some of the most popular third-party NES game titles such as Bases Loaded and Ninja Gaiden. These novels were written under the “Worlds of Power” book series, for Scholastic publishing. Today it is our privilege and honor to host an interview with one of the most notable of the authors for the “Worlds of Power” series, PETER LERANGIS (aka “F.X. Nine”). click here to read
Blaster Master Overdrive Redding, CA – February 6, 2010 – SUNSOFT, a division of SUNCORPORATION (JASDAQ: 6736), has today announced that BLASTER MASTER™:OVERDRIVE will be available in North America on February 8th for WiiWare. Gameplay in BLASTER MASTER™:OVERDRIVE retains the critically acclaimed format of the original NES BLASTER MASTER™, alternating between side-scrolling platforming in S.O.P.H.I.A. and overhead-perspective blasting and exploration when controlling Alex. Upgrades for S.O.P.H.I.A. must be collected to access progressively more challenging terrain and a total of eight distinct areas. Each area features a mutant boss that must be defeated to progress. - (source: Sunsoft press release, official website) Read more about this exciting development at the new official Sunsoft website - click here for more
The History of Blaster Master "In the beginning, there was a tank..." The original Blaster Master, as a consumer game title, had played a significant part in strengthening and bringing visibility to Nintendo's product line-up in 1988, as well as lending power to the growing resurgence in the videogame industry in the United States. For those who still remember, back in 1984 the U.S. experienced what could be called the "second videogame crash", where the market had become oversaturated (again) to the point of causing apathy among consumers. Two years after Nintendo successfully introduced their Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to the U.S., Blaster Master was released to a market primed to receive it.
The Sophia Archives Welcome to the Sophia Archives. Within this section you will find many interesting pieces of information regarding the history of Blaster Master or background data on the series. Please select one of the options from the Sophia Archives drop-down menu above.


Jason (by Cosmic Riptide)
Description: From the artist: "Here's is an oldie that I had forgotten about until last night... but one that I liked enough to share. For those of you who don't know (and shame SHAME on you) this is Jason Frudnick, star of the NES game "Blaster Master". Behind him is his fantastical transforming tank the "MA-01"!! Blaster Master is the greatest video game in all of creation!!! :crazy: You may think you know of better games, but you are delusional and should seek immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, I lost the unflattened Photoshop file for this image some time ago, so I was unable to fix the small error in the copyright notice (the date should come before "Sunsoft")." - Nov. 5, 2008
Sophia concept
Description: Concept art of Sophia (by Tim)
Sophia concept
Description: Concept of Sophia (by Tim)
Description: Jason (Frudnick), the hero of Blaster Master (by Cosmic-Riptide)